Vitamins For Hangover Relief

The ABCs Of Hangover Relief

Vitamins can help with hangover relief in addition to bringing a host of other health benefits. Let’s take a look at some of these vitamins.

Vitamin A – Drinkers are often smokers too, since if you’re going to damage your body, why stop at just one vice? So you will need some help to slow down the combined destructive force of alcohol and nicotine with vitamin A to protect your mouth, throat, nose and lungs.

Vitamin B – Bloodshot eyes and an unbalanced nervous system come together with a hangover headache. Vitamin B1 calms nerves while B2 helps with bloodshot eyes among other overall positive effects on your body.

Vitamin C – Everyone’s favorite vitamin has anti-cancer properties which is good for those with hangovers since you have the self-destructive urge to take in cancer causing foods and substances.

Vitamin D – Your nervous system is in shreds during an alcohol hangover, so vitamin D helps soothe shaky nerves. It also helps heal any broken bones you might have sustained from falling down steps when drunk.

Royal Jelly contains all the B complex vitamins hence its “royal” title. Gives your energy levels a boost when you’re feeling lethargic during and after a hangover.

Evening Primrose Oil is another premier substance that thins the blood and dilates the vessels thus easing the heavy thumping of hangover headaches in your forehead.hangover relief

If you hate taking vitamins, fear not. Many kinds of hangover food contain these vitamins so you don't have to pop pills - check out easy to prepare hangover cures. Simply eat something delicious that contains these vitamins will do the trick of hangover relief nicely.