Alcohols That Cause Worst Hangovers

Which Alcohol Most Likely To Cause Hangovers

Studies show alcohol hangovers are more likely to occur with certain types of alcohol. From the worst kind of alcohol that will cause a hangover to the alcohol that will least cause a hangover: brandy, bourbon, whiskey, red wine, rum, white wine, gin and vodka. According to the British Medical Journal, drinking bourbon whiskey is twice as likely to cause a hangover than the same amount of vodka.

Another suggestion of the reason why certain types of alcohol are more likely to cause hangovers is alcohol made from a bad harvest. Wine from countries that experience a small change in climate affects the quality of wine greatly, to the extent that in a bad season, the wne may contain much more substances that cause hangovers. Wine producing countries that experience such climate changes include France, Germany and New Zealand.

Some think that drinking wine that is too young causes hangovers. This is because of certain substances found in young wines that have yet to be neutralized over the years. Red and white wine is kept in oak barrels to mature and should be kept for a minimal amount of time.

Wine stored in oak barrels for six months should be acceptable to drink within the first year. If the wine is stored for twelve months or more in oak barrels, it should then be aged at least four years. Some winemakers have been known to add oak chips directly into the wine to enhance flavors (especially in a weak vintage and especially in cheaper wines); this can take years to become neutral.

So it would seem that one of the hangover remedies is not to drink wine that is not yet matured.