What Causes Hangovers?

Hangover Causes And Cures

Over drinking leads to hangovers but what exactly causes hangovers? There are many sources that give the same reasons although non seem to support these findings scientifically. Here are the many explanations given for the cause of hangovers. Let's look at the causes of hangover headaches first. Some hangover cures will be discussed later.

Hangovers Are Caused By Dehydration
Alcohol is a diuretic, ie a drug that increases urination and flushes fluids from the body. Therefore lots of alcohol from over drinking leads to a very dehydrated body.

Hangovers Are Caused By Alcohol Poisioning
Hangovers are caused by toxic reactions or mild alcohol poisoning. There are complex organic molecules such as methanol and acetone are found in some drinks and are said to be responsible for hangovers rather than ethanol (alcohol). This view is supported by researcher Dr. Ian Calder of the National Hospital for Neurosurgery (London).

Hangovers Are Caused By Nutrient Depletion
Long term effects of overdrinking causes the body to be depleted of nutrients and substances including including blood sugar, vitamins and minerals for the body to stay healthy.

Hangovers Are Caused By Alcohol Withdrawal
Evidence is emerging to suggest that hangovers are caused by the body reacting to a loss of alcohol intake. Mack Mitchell, M.D., vice president of the Alcoholic Beverage Medical Research Foundation in Baltimore, and assistant professor of medicine at Johns Hopkins University says that when the cells in the brain change physically in reaction to the presence of alcohol. In addition, veins in the brain swell which combines with the withdrawal effects to cause alcohol hangovers.

Which ever of these causes hangovers, we know that hangovers not the desired after effects of a good night's drinking. So what are some of the hangover cures that are effective. Or can we prevent hangovers from happening in the first place?